Educational Tools

The Green Pack

The Macedonian Green Pack Junior, including interactive DVD game, tests and stories, was completed in 2012, teachers were trained to use the materials, and 10 NGOs received grants for pilot activities covering 70 schools.

In Albania, trainings on the use of the Green Pack in rural areas were organised in cooperation with the Italian NGO COSPE.

In the context of the project “Educational Tools for Sustainable Development”, supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, existing standards were reviewed in order to identify key topics and learning competencies where sustainable development concepts are applied or can be integrated, and a comprehensive five-year action plan for education for sustainable development was drafted. The teachers handbook for Kosovo* was revised, a guide on how to use the Green Pack was compiled, and work began on the Green Pack Junior for Montenegro.

Other toolkits

Work started on the Green Steps citizens’ pack, an awareness-raising multimedia product for young people and adults in Belarus that will improve people’s knowledge of environmental and development challenges and encourage a change of behaviour among citizens.

REC Estonia promoted a training on botany and environment for non-Estonian biology teachers in the country, including language lessons and practical instruction. 

Within the “School for Climate” project in Poland, 90 workshops were held for teachers and the “Blue Pack” educational kit was developed.

LOOKING FORWARD: Youngsters celebrate the arrival of the Macedonian Green Pack Junior in their schools

Green Pack Serbia
December 2012 | Print

Green Pack Online Serbia
September 2012 | Online

Green Pack Kosovo*
August 2012 | Print

Green Pack Junior Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
July 2012 | Print

The Eco-adventures of Bojan and Jana
July 2012 | Print

Orchestrated Actions
June 2012 | Print

Green Pack Online
April 2012 | Online

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