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The two-year project “Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe” (SINPHONIE), supported by the European Parliament and coordinated by DG SANCO, came to an end in 2012. The project focused on monitoring school environments in 25 European countries and aimed to capitalise on existing knowledge and extend the range of information available, covering old and new EU member states and some accession countries using a standardised procedure in order to produce a set of policies, guidelines and good practices that ensure the best indoor environment for children in schools in the EU. The project involved complex research on health, environment, transport and climate change.

Project partners are now preparing guidelines and recommendations, and outputs will be disseminated to actors involved in the planning and management of school infrastructure; stakeholders and policy makers at European and national level; and local actors (building owners, teachers, pupils and parents). The project contributes to the Parma commitments in terms of policy development and environmental health actions.


The SEARCH initiative (School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children) is a research project implemented within the international frameworks of the EU Action Plan on Environment and Health and the World Health Organization's Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe. The main activities in 2012 were the monitoring of children’s health and air quality in schools with a focus on energy use and well-being, and the creation of a comprehensive environment and health database.

TESTING TIME: Complex research projects such as SINPHONIE include the monitoring of children’s exposure to indoor air pollutants at school

Aspire! – Issue 1
July 2012 | Print

School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children (SEARCH II)
March 2012 | Online

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