Law Development, Enforcement and Compliance

Combating environmental crime

The REC continued to provide assistance in combating illegal logging and environmental crimes through networking and regional cooperation. The TA acts as secretariat of the Themis cooperation platform in the SEE region, financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

A regional action plan on illegal logging in SEE was developed by the TA under the Environment and Security (ENVSEC) Initiative based on diagnostic audits of the forestry sector carried out in all potential candidate and candidate countries.

The REC co-organised and gave expert input to two trainings on the prosecution of environmental crimes with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest.

Endings and beginnings

A project on the management of the Timok River basin in Serbia and Bulgaria continued under the ENVSEC Initiative with the preparation of a final report.

The REC was awarded two contracts: to check the conformity of measures of member states to transpose environmental directives; and on infringement and complaints.  It was also invited to host the secretariat of the Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in the Maghreb (NECEMA). Fundraising activities were carried out for the implementation of the NECEMA action plan.
ON THE CASE: Themis Network trainings build the capacities of national authorities to tackle environmental crime

May 2012 | Online

Themis: Managing Natural Resources and Combating Environmental Crime
April 2012 | Print

Illegal Logging in South Eastern Europe
February 2012 | Print

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