Local Governance

Strategic planning

Over 2 million people in partner municipalities have benefited from the TA’s activities and over 50 local communities in the SEE region, Belarus and Moldova have been supported to draft local strategic documents. Approximately EUR 1 million has been invested in priority environmental projects in 35 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia, and over 30 national and regional workshops, seminars and training courses with local and national stakeholders have been organised. This has enabled cooperation among local communities with the business sector, and has promoted the concept of sustainable investments.

Supporting sustainable development

The TA has continued to build the capacities of local stakeholders, providing assistance in developing mechanisms and tools for the sustainable use of natural resources. It promoted the integration of sustainable development principles in local/national plans and policies, and strengthened the role of local communities in developing national environmental and other policies. Through its work on promoting sustainable development in communities and schools, and on building platforms for cooperation on the implementation of sustainable development principles at local and national level, the TA has contributed to the implementation of international and EU sustainable development policies and legislation.


OPENING UP: REC projects promote the inclusion of sustainable development principles in local policies
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