Largest-Budget Projects

(in descending order) December 31, 2012
Project Name Donor/Client Organisation Donor Group
STREAM/SECTOR in Moldova and Belarus SIDA Sweden
Local Communities and Sustainable Schools Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland
Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe (SINPHONIE) — Complex Research on Health, Environment, Transport and Climate Change (HETC) DG Health and Consumer Protection EC
CIVITAS VANGUARD — Advancing Sustainable Urban Transport in an Enlarged Europe through CIVITAS DG Energy and Transport EC
Capacity Building in the Field of Environment CFCU/Ministry of Finance/Turkey EC
SENSE — Supporting Environmental Civil Society Organisations in Serbia SIDA Sweden
Urban Spaces — Enhancing the Attractiveness and Quality of the Urban Environment CENTRAL EUROPE Programme EC
SENiOR-A — Environmental CSO Support in Albania SIDA Sweden
Setting up the Environmental Management Center (EMC) in Serbia Ministry of Environment of Serbia Norway
Local Environmental Action Planning for Sustainability in Kosovo/a* (LEAP) SIDA Sweden
REC-POLITO Agreement Politecnico di Torino EC
Promoting Regional Cooperation in SEE via Networking within the Authorities Responsible for the Envrionment and Justice Sectors (Themis Network) Austrian Development Agency Austria
Europe-China Clean Energy Centre (EC2) Politecnico di Torino EC
OrientGate — Network for the Integration of Climate Knowledge into Policy and Planning Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change, Italy EC
SEARCH II — School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Italy
Green Pack Junior Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Austrian Development Agency Austria
CIVITAS ELAN Municipality of Ljubljana EC
Local Biodiversity Action Planning Network for Sustainable Development in the Western Balkans ECNC Finland
ELTISPlus — Dissemination and Support Initiative in the Field of Energy Aspects of Urban Transport FGM- AMOR EC
Plant and Food Biosecurity Network of Excellence AgroInnova EC
CarpathCC SR 1 — In-depth Study on the Key Climate Change Threats and Impacts on Water Resources DG Environment EC
Carpath CC-SR2 DG Environment EC
CarpathCC-SR4 DG Environment EC
Technical Assistance on Increasing the Implementation Capacity of the Seveso II Directive (EuropeAid/130724/D/SER/TR) Ekodenge Environmental Consultancy and Engineering EC
Green Infrastructure Network Province of Flevoland EC
Educational Tools for Sustainable Development:
Phase II
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Other
Educational Tools for Sustainable Development:
Phase I
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Other
WATER CoRe — Water Scarcity and Droughts, Coordinated Activities in European Regions Ministry of Environment, Hessen EC
Capacity Building to Put the Aarhus Convention into Action and Support the Development of PRTR Systems in Selected SEE Countries Federal Environmental Agency Germany
Mobile2020 — More Biking in Small and Medium-Sized Towns in CEE by 2020 Baltic Environmental Forum Deutschland EC
LOCSEE — Low-Carbon South East Europe Government Office on Climate Change, Slovenia EC
CarpathCC-SR 3 DG Environment EC
CarpathCC SR 6 — Integral Vulnerability Assessments in Focal Areas DG Environment EC
Law Enforcement in the Field of Industrial Pollution Control, the Prevention of Chemical Accidents and Establishing the EMAS System (EuropeAid/131555/C/SER/RS) Human Dynamics KG EC
Course for Sustainability — Living Labs 2012 Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Italy
Technical Assistance for NGO Block Grant and Partnership Block Grant in Slovenia Government Office for European Affairs, Slovenia Switzerland
SMART Cities Stakeholder Platform GOPA-Cartermill International EC
TRAINREBUILD European Partners for the Environment EC
Cross-Border Water Resources Management EC Delegation, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia EC
Methodology for Effective Decision Making on Impacts and Adaptation Wageningen University EC
Carpathians Unite — Sheep Herding Revival National Foundation for Environmental Protection, Poland Switzerland
Environmental Protection of International River Basins (EPIRB) Human Dynamics KG EC
Course for Local Sustainability and Action IV Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Italy
ITF Activities (PR & Middle East) Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Italy
Blue Pack National Fund for Environmental Protection Poland
Integrated Waste Management System in Suceava County Suceava County Council EC
GreenNet — Promoting the Ecological Network in the European Green Belt Swiss Cooperation Office, Albania EC
Sumitomo Chemical — Contribution to Key REC Processes (2010-2012) Sumitomo Chemical Co. Japan
ATTRACT SEE Geodetic Institute of Slovenia EC