Sustainable Development Academy

A decade of cooperation

The courses for sustainability, run by the Sustainable Development Academy, are the fruit of a hugely successful Italian initiative spearheaded by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. Courses have taken place regularly over almost 10 years, and while the aims and institutional backbone have remained the same throughout, changes in detail have reflected the adaptation of the courses to the needs of different constituents and shifts in environmental policy priorities. The goal is still to bring together major stakeholders who share responsibility for forming and implementing environmental policy, to do this on a regional basis so that useful and meaningful international and inter-sectoral links can be forged, and to offer up-to-date, high-quality and practice-oriented capacity building. The institutional mainstay of the programme remains cooperation between the REC and Venice International University, assisted by partners such as AGROINNOVA – University of Turin and Bosporus University in Istanbul.

Building resilience

The latest course, “Living Laboratories: Resilience and Sustainability of Municipalities” enabled discussions on how to improve the endurance, flexibility and adaptive capacity of communities. This course is aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at alumni of previous Sustainable Development Academy courses who are working in municipalities, local communities or small regions, or at national level with direct responsibility for municipalities or small regions.


CHANGING MINDSETS: Panel discussions during the LivingLabs course focused on preparing local communities to be resilient in the face of crisis

Living Laboratories: Resilience and Sustainability of Municipalities
August 2012 | Online

Orchestrated Actions
June 2012 | Print

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