Water Management

Transboundary challenges

As part of a consortium, the REC supported the EC’s DG Environment in the technical challenges of implementing the Water Framework Directive, carrying out compliance checking in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia, while Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine have been supported in their efforts to improve the availability and ecological status of selected transboundary rivers and the preparation and implementation of river basin management plans.

Within the framework of the ENVSEC Initiative and the EECCA EU Water Initiative, the development of a basin management plan for Lake Druksiai/Drisviaty, located between Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, continued successfully.

In the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the REC has implemented a project on cross-border water resources management.

Jointly with riparian countries, the REC took an active role in the framework of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), the Sava Commission and the UNECE Water Convention.

Good practice exchange

Jointly with 13 partners, the REC is addressing water scarcity and drought issues by providing a platform for the exchange of good practices at regional and local levels between seven European regions and preparing an e-learning software.

Technical assistance

Within the project “Technical Assistance to JASPERS Beneficiary Countries”, the REC supports the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment by providing technical expertise on water projects; and to Bulgarian municipalities and the Ministry of Environment and Water in the project establishment phase.

In the Carpathian region, the TA joined efforts with the Climate Change and Clean Energy TA in assessing the vulnerability of environmental resources and ecosystems to climate change and in promoting adaptation measures, with a focus on water resources.

In Albania, the REC provided technical and organisational advice to the ADC office in Tirana on drinking water and sanitation issues. An assessment on disaster risk reduction was carried out for three communes, including post-flood support.

Public participation

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the REC built local capacities on new EU water and waste legislation within a project focusing on opportunities and challenges for public participation and cooperation between NGOs and local and regional self-governments.




INTEGRATED APPROACH: Effective water resources management embraces the concerns of other sectors such as energy, transport, regional policy and tourism

Healing the Waters 
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