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Supporting the development of a political framework for education for sustainable development (ESD) at sub-regional and national level

The REC supported the development of inter-subject topics and their inclusion in primary school curricula in Montenegro. According to the Law on General Education of July 30, 2013, teachers are required to implement cross-curricula themes.

Serbian experts were given support by the REC in their work on inter-subject competencies, which were approved by the National Educational Council and have been legally in force since January 2013. It also supported the development of a regulation/rulebook on general educational standards in secondary schools (published in the official state gazette).

In Kosovo*, the REC supported an expert working group within the National Office of Curricula to integrate learning objectives and draft curricula for ESD. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the REC, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment aimed at supporting educational reforms through the inclusion of ESD in new school curricula.

Tools to promote ESD

The multimedia environmental education kit Green Pack Junior was launched in Montenegro, geared specifically towards children aged between seven and 10. The topics covered represent the key issues facing the world today: children are encouraged to think critically about them and, ultimately, to become involved citizens. A website has been developed in English and Montenegrin to support and promote Green Pack Junior implementation ( The website, which is based on the DVD created as part of Green Pack Junior, allows users to take a virtual trip around the home, school, local supermarket, park and vacation destinations. In each location, information can be found about how our behaviour affects the world around us. By answering quiz questions and playing games, points can be won that help to protect the player’s virtual planet.

An electronic version of the Serbian Green Pack was developed and 2,000 copies, together with guidance on how to use it, were produced for Serbian primary schools. An on-live version of the Green Pack (in English and Serbian) was launched at 

Strengthening teacher training on ESD

The REC organised a total of 30 training seminars for teachers and educators in Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo*. In addition to the conventional training on how to use Green Pack and Green Pack Junior, teachers were given advice on issues such as how to integrate REC educational materials in national curricula; cross-thematic educational planning; the integration of ESD into class activities; and the training of teachers from the Serbian minority in Kosovo*. Around 750 teachers were trained.

Raising public awareness of ESD

The show “Zeleni paket” was introduced on national television in Montenegro at the beginning of March. The half-hour show uses materials from the Green Pack on selected topics and is broadcast every Tuesday morning.

A successful Green Pack Junior launch event was organised in Podgorica, attracting extensive media coverage.

A launch event for the Committee on ESD was organised in Pristina, attracting national media coverage in Albania and Kosovo* on prime-time news.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Green Pack Junior is expanding into the school curricula of more and more countries in South Eastern Europe

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