Smart Cities and Mobility

From Green Transport to Smart Cities and Mobility

Continuing its support to the CIVITAS Initiative, the REC published Everyone’s a Winner - The First Ten Years of the CIVITAS Awards, a coffee-table guide to the winning cities’ achievements that highlights progress made in the successful measures since the award was granted. The REC also contributes each September to the implementation of European Mobility Week, as liaison for all national coordinators.

As an advocate of innovation, the REC continues to work in 20 countries to raise awareness of the educational programmes and funding opportunities offered to entrepreneurs by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Knowledge and Innovation Community, KIC InnoEnergy. Putting innovation into practice, the team surveyed the commuting habits of REC head office staff to/from Szentendre and drafted and adopted an organisational mobility plan that includes eight practical measures to encourage employees to commute in a more sustainable way.

The newly launched SmartMove project promotes public transport use in rural areas. The REC is responsible for a Europe-wide information campaign, including the development and maintenance of a complex project website in six languages and the production of dissemination materials such as brochures, YouTube videos, document templates and roll-ups.

Wrapping up the Energy Research Knowledge Center initiative, the REC published a policy brochure on photovoltaics (co-authored by the REC) and a thematic research summary on heating and cooling using renewable energy sources (authored by the REC). Over 100 EU-funded energy projects were screened, edited and entered into the ERKC online information portal.

At the same time, the REC wrapped up Mobile 2020 in six partner countries in CEE, where it promoted bike-friendly mobility planning in small and medium-sized cities. In Bulgaria, the REC published the Handbook on cycling-inclusive planning and promotion, which was given recognition by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. This led to the establishment of a national working group for the planning and design of communication and transport systems for urbanised territories.

The topic area team also contributed to the following initiatives:

  • SEiSMiC, through which the REC builds stakeholder networks and encourages citizen engagement to help tackle Europe's biggest urban problems.
  • The Romanian Climate Forum, a multi-stakeholder platform addressing transport as one of factors contributing to climate change.
  • The expansion of the Traffic Snake Game Network to Hungary to promote sustainable mobility among schoolchildren.
  • UrbanNexus, where the REC contributed to a series of dialogue café sessions.
  • The promotion of car sharing among Hungarian stakeholders as a sustainable mode of individual transport.
Smart Cities and Mobility

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