Education for Sustainable Development

Green Steps launch in Belarus

The Green Steps multimedia toolkit aims to raise public awareness about sustainable lifestyles, citizens’ environmental rights, and changes that individuals can make in their everyday lives to contribute to sustainable development. The primary targets are members of civil society organisations, although the toolkit also contains valuable information for educators, students and families. The Green Steps awareness-raising materials, which will be tailored to individual countries in the future, are divided into four sections: a virtual tour around a number of locations typically visited in the course of everyday activities; information on 25 to 30 topics related to environmental protection and sustainable development; a series of around 50 factsheets that can be used in educational and group activities; and an encyclopedia containing information on up to 300 species common to Europe.

In 2015, a training programme was launched in cooperation with three Belarusian partners — the Center for Environmental Solutions; the Green Network; and Nerush. Altogether 10 seminars were organised in eight Belarusian towns (Baranovichi, Barysaw, Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk, Mogilev and Pinsk). Local experts trained participants on how to use the Green Steps materials. Two thousand copies of the multimedia toolkit were given to the trained CSO activists, university students, teachers and educators for further distribution and for training their colleagues in Belarus.

The training programme was followed by a variety of promotional activities, including open classes for schoolchildren organised by Vitebsk Zoo; a conference organised by the Association for Families of Excluded People; and a presentation to kindergarten teachers.

Education for Sustainable Development
A training programme was launched in Belarus to accompany the launch of the Green Steps toolkit.