Health and Environment

School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children (SEARCH III)

Under the third phase of the SEARCH initiative, supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS), the online toolkit Air Pack was designed, based on specific SEARCH I and II outcomes, general information from the overall SEARCH initiative, and other related international literature. Air Pack is a toolkit that provides resources for teaching children about indoor air quality in schools. It focuses on indoor and outdoor sources of pollution and on perceptions of comfort in the classroom, presenting user-friendly guidelines and offering practical advice. The Air Pack was piloted in four Albanian schools and four Italian schools.

The toolkit has been presented and disseminated through an international network linking the environment, health and education sectors. The innovative practical dissemination of indoor air quality concepts was demonstrated to international stakeholders at the WHO Mid-term Review in April.

Effective Management of Pests and Harmful Alien Species: Integrated Solutions (EMPHASIS)

The EMPHASIS project, supported by the EC Horizon2020 programme, addresses native and alien pest threats (insects, pathogens and weeds) to a range of both natural ecosystems and farming systems (field crops, protected crops, forests, orchards and amenity plants).

The overall goal is to ensure a European food security system and protect biodiversity and ecosystem services while developing integrated mechanisms for response measures. Practical solutions will be developed in order to predict and prevent native and alien pest threats, and to protect agriculture and forestry systems.

The REC is coordinating the project work package on dissemination and training, which involves: database management and updating; the updating of stakeholder mapping; and planning and organisation of training activities.

The REC’s work will support the development of practical, long-term healthy solutions that address native and alien pests affecting plants.

Health and Environment
The Air Pack toolkit provides written and online resources for school teachers, helping them plan dynamic lessons on indoor air quality in schools.