2015 in review

In 2015, the REC began preparing for the challenges of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development focusing on the three key themes of the organisation’s 25th anniversary slogan: Results, Empowerment, Change.

Results: In 2015, we implemented framework projects in South Eastern Europe, Eastern Partnership countries (Ukraine and Moldova), and the Middle East and North Africa (Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco), as well as our traditional focus area of Central and Eastern Europe, enhancing stakeholder cooperation and facilitating sustainable solutions.

Empowerment: Capacity building remained the key component of REC activities, through projects and initiatives such as "Support to Civil Society Organisations in the field of Environment in Albania (SENIOR-A); Themis trainings on the implementation of EU nature protection legislation; the project Supporting Low-Carbon Development in South Eastern Europe (SLED); and Sustainable Use of Transboundary Water Resources and Water Security Management (WATER SUM). All these projects focus on empowering government and local government stakeholders, experts and civil society.

Change: As well as facilitating reforms, our 25th anniversary demonstrates our ability to renew our strategies to better address sustainability challenges. We actively contribute to the UN, UNFCCC, UNESCO and UNECE processes at global level, while in cooperation with partners such as the ENVSEC Initiative and the RCC we contribute to regional change as well.   


We have to continue to support policy implementation and to lend a helping hand wherever we can — and with all stakeholders. Like vitamin C, we are an enabler!

Marta Szigeti Bonifert
Executive Director