Smart Cities and Mobility

During 2016, the REC organised the tri-annual meeting of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaign’s national coordinators. Always well attended, these are important events for checking progress in the annual campaign. This exchange of experience and knowledge has ensured a record number of participating cities in almost every country: over 2,400 in total.

Exploiting and Refining a Methodology for the Rapid Assessment of Climate Impacts along Two International South East European Transport Corridors (CLIMACOR II)

The unit also developed and tested a methodology for the rapid assessment of climate change threats on behalf of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee. The methodology was tested along two corridors, one in Ukraine/Moldova and another in Spain/Portugal. With the financial support of the Regional Cooperation Council, the methodology was then refined and implemented in two corridors in South Eastern Europe (the Orient-East Med and Rhine-Danube TEN-T corridors). Discussions at five workshops led to two corridor assessments, which are available on the project page, under the Activities tab.

REC Mobility Plan

In the framework of the REC’s sustainable commuting initiative, the unit introduced new staff to REC mobility services and upgraded the mobility-as-a-service portal to include public transport information.

Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual Learning in Cities (SEISMIC)

An attractive online publication, Street Smarts, was produced for the Seismic project at the end of 2016. It features educational resource materials on urban challenges and resilient cities and is intended for use with secondary school students. It contains seven "challenge" modules, providing teachers with ideas for activities and lessons.

Promoting Public Transport Use in Rural Areas (SmartMove)

SmartMove, a project advocating more sustainable mobility from rural to urban areas, was completed during 2016 and achieved widespread recognition thanks to its portfolio of products, a web award nomination and successful final publication: Smart Solutions: Promoting rural public transport use through active mobility consultancy.

Smart Cities and Communities Information System (SCIS)

Within the EU Smart Cities Information System, the project’s online content was expanded with a mobility section, demonstration site descriptions, and a pan-European smart city event section. With increasing online content, third-party event participation and multiplier outreach activities to promote the system were intensified. Please visit the project page for more details. 


Under the GrowSmarter (Lighthouse) project, which aims to test and replicate smart city solutions, the REC assisted the transfer of innovation by drafting replication strategies for two follower cities: Suceava (Romania) and Valletta (Malta).


Smart Cities and Mobility
Participants at a workshop in Belgrade discuss climate change threats to transport corridors in South Eastern Europe.